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Hue // April 2009

Le Ngoc Thanh & Le Duc Hai

In a dream, I saw a red river flowing into my body. Suddenly, I felt everything in the world seem to connect to this river.
The river was like a thread course that connects all sewing debris, happiness, joys, pains, torments and fears…
In front of this endless river, humans were too tiny.
However, in some extents, in spite of suffering physical as well as mental miseries and torments, humans could control and walk it along to the present, the past and the future in order to doff worries in the consciousness…
That river was going to bring humans into a new world. There, the future fades the reality away.
Even though that was merely a dream…
Vu Nhat Tan

Noisy city
Noisy streets
Noisy alleys
Noisy houses
Noisy people
Everywhere, noises are ear and head splitting 
Chaotic city
Confusing streets
Tortuous alleys
Houses are full of spider nets
People are running insanely
Everywhere, life rhythm is urgent


Tran Thanh Son

standing, sitting, turning right, turning left…
long hair,
long beard,
lots of tattoos.
lots of metals.
And they are silent – having conversations…
Is it a dream or reality?

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