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Hue // March 2009

“Zen Region”
By Phuong Vu Manh

Opening : Tues 24 Mar, 5.30pm

Exhibition : 25-31 Mar 2009

Materials :
- 01 ten-minute video (auto reply when playing therefore people can watch it continuously)
- 100 fishes in plastic bags hung by fishing line in exhibition space.
Significance :
Modern life makes humans become really exhausted and busy. People are rushing into their job like machines to ear their living and intend to scramble for fame and wealth. The greed takes away people’s time for living, loving and enjoying the beauty. A stationary space like “Zen world” helps humans find the most beautiful things that are mislaid in modern life and balance their mind. Images and sounds in the video express beauties of the nature and the universe. The gold fishes in plastic bags hung in the space symbolize the human freedom but also means human is limiting the freedom themselves.

Profile Phuong Vu Manh

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