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Sungjin Song
Korea, Republic of

Song Sung Jin shows side of residence condition of urbanite by connecting specific location, people, and house. He has been showing interests in city dweller living life of modern Diaspora whom he has met while living in Korea and overseas for the last few years. He questions new possibility of space and form of life, and attitude of current life. He held personal exhibition (2017) and Residency (2016) in künstlerhaus bethanien, Germany, and participated in many domestic and international exhibitions such as Busan Art Museum (2017), Karachi biennale (2017), and Cheongju art gallery opening exhibition (2016).

Sungjin Song 

Ph. D. of fine art /Busan National University Art department 

Master of Fine art/  Busan National University Art department  

Bachelor of Fine Art/ Busan National University Art department

Solo Exhibition

  2018 1 pyeong house between tides/Tideland sungamdo/ansan

  2017 Postures/Kunstlarhaus Bethanien/Gamany  

  2016 There/space O’newall-leejuheon/Seoul

  2013 Song sung jin solo show/Pusan Uni. Art center/Busan

  2013 Temperature of night/Gallery um/Busan

  2012 Temperature/JoongangGallery202/Daegu

  2011 Tower & palace/Busan LotteGallery/Busan

  2011 Day and night/Space Gallery/Busan

  2010 Resident and migrants/Space can/Seoul

  2009 Obvious exhibition/Open space Bae/Busan

  2006 Reinforcing rod drawing/Alliance france Busan

  2006 A Daily Event/Space Bandee/Busan

  2003 Yongho Farm/Do_art Gallery/Seoul


Group Exhibition

  2018 The Window wherein I Dwell/Busan Resource Recycling Cooperation Center

  2018 Lonesome silence and heavy sea mist/gcc/ansan

  2018 Union Art fair X ‘Let’s Make Together’/S_pactory/seoul

  2018 Better together challenge/Daejeon Convention Center

  2018 Unofficial Discoursers/Gcc/Ansan

  2018 The way golden stair/Art district_P/Busan

  2017 Karachi beinnal/Fomma Artcenter/Karachi/Pakistan

  2017 Seoullo Media Canvas/Manridong/seoul

  2017 Vision and perspective 1999-2017_Cognitive Mapping/Busan Museum of art

  2017 Farewell, BetterTogether 2017/Cheongju Craft center

  2017 Pretzel link /damdam gallery/Berlin

  2016 Home ground /chungju Museum of art/Chungju

  2016 Between Memorial and Memory/sukdang Museum of art /Busan

  2015 Curent of Korean contenporary art 'Journey of Photograph’

        /yunseul Art Museum/Kimhae

  2015 Changwon Asia Artfestival /Sukdang art Museum/Changwon

  2015 City, Remembrance and Reimagining"/Edwin's Gallery

        Indonesia /Jakarta

  2014 Arc adventure /Clayarch Gimhae Museum

  2014 They each have different purposes cultural/art district P

  2014 Street Space - Park/TL gallery

  2014 Photofraphy and urbanism/Gyeongnam Art Museum

  2014 Pingyao International Photography Festival/china

  2013 'With Songdo : Remembrance·Marks·People'/Sea Art Festival 2013 /Busan

  2013 Touch /New zero Art space/Myanmer 

  2013 House & home /Jeju Museum of Art/Jeju 

  2013 The tortoise and the hare/Yang pyung Museum of Art

  2013 Fasade Busan /Busan Museum of Art/Busan

  2013 House & Home - Looking for me/Jeju Museum of Art 

  2012 City of Emotion /Ulsan Museum of Contemporary Art/Ulsan 

  2012 Inter local the excessive & surplus/Daejeon Museum of Art Center

  2012 Ha Jung-Woong Young Artist Invitation Exhibition/Gwangju Museum of art

  2012 Urban Promnade (Pohang Museum of art /Pohang

  2012 Korean Contempory Artist 20/ChungsimWorldCenter/Gapyung

  2012 The Spectrum of Contemporary korean Art /Kaohsiung /Taiwan

  Omitted below


Residence Program

  2018  Gyeonggi creation center/Ansan

  2017  Daegu artfactory/Daegu

  2016  Kunstlerhaus Bethanien/Berlin/Genmany

  2014  SasaArtProject/Phnom Penh/kambodia

  2013  Myanmar New zoro artspace/Yangon/Myanmar

  2012  Tsushima Art Fantazia residence/Tsushima/Japan

  2010  Beijing PSB residence/Beijing/china



  2013 Busan Biennale Sea Art Festival special selection/Busan Biennale

  2013 Artist of the Year Award /Busan Fine Art Association

  2010 Busan Youth Artist Award /space Gallery/Busan

  2012 Ha Jung-Woong Young Artist Award/Gwangju Museum of art


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