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Canada // September 2015

Stories in A Story

LIVE Performance Biennale 2015

Sunday, Sept 27 @ VIVO Media Art


Director/ Producer: LE BROTHERS: Hai Duc Le & Thanh Ngoc Le

Curator: Makiko Hara  

Sound Mixer (DJ): Don Chow  

Music: Luong Hue Trinh  

Video: Tran Thanh Son  

Musical Singer: Bon Dos Remedios 

Guitar Player: Rafael Rico (cuatro)  

Photo & Video Crew: Francis O’Shaughnessy & Sebnem Ozpeta Francis O'Shaughnessy

Technicians: Nikolai Gauer, Alex Muir, Dylan McHugh , Francisco Aragones, Sebastian Sauer

Production Managers: Kaylin Pearce and Stacey Ho  

Dancers: Carolina Bergonzoni & Natalie TY Gan


Alanna Ho, Christina Panis, Vincent Tao, Natalie Tan, Masha Pilipenko, Neo Bang Tang 

Eileen Hsu, Cathrina Hao, Jacobo Zambrano, Diego Zambrano , Tomoyo Ihaya ,Christian Vistan, Peggy Ngan , Karen Ngan , Vinson Phua, Puneet Bhachu , peogu, Viki Wu


Stories in a story

Art form: Mixed performance

Duration: 60 minutes

Artists: Le Brothers (Thanh and Hai)

Performance assistants: 22 persons

Venue: Live Biennale, September 2015, Vancouver, Canada


This is a dream of Le Brothers, a dream about the arts in this modern world that is created through communication.

Wherever we meet in this world, location does not matter, what matters is the moment.

The story goes on as individuals travel and as artists communicate with each other and with audiences.

At each intersection, if human beings could feel the peace and happiness, stories would occur and connections emerge.

From small pieces, we will sew up a spontaneous, multi-meaning story that is perceived by many individuals. We want to tell a surreal story. It is the connection between the artists and the space, the sounds, the lighting, and the audience.

Audiences should perceive the story differently via their own experiences, the work should be multi-meaning and to comprehend is their decision.


This is a mixed performance by Le Brothers that requires:

- Available space

A stage

A movable table (with wheels) (2)

- A mixed collection of music



- Performance artists (Le Brothers)

20 performance assistants (could be either artists, students or audiences)

Artists will arrange the space as they wish

- Costumes

Le Brothers in their Mao suit

Assistants in costumes designed by Le Brothers

Lighting (for the evening)

Lightings inside the performance space

Projector (6)


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