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Hue // January 2010



During my CAP BEP carpentry, the discovery of graffiti has allowed me to get involved in a practice which gave rise to a curiosity about the creation and sample areas.
the 18 years I am working in a regular gym learning design and illustration while the catalyst with graffiti, all punctuated by various food jobs, a deal that is still relevant.
Since 2002, the first experiments with different structures (Sonacotra, MJC, town halls, social centers, private commissions, corporations) will place many accomplishments wall, which it realized in the framework of the Association ARI colorz.
With the opening of doors of the 4 workshop as a resident from September 2006 I try for a new medium such as ink, acrylic, painting in oil until experiments with industrial products such as tar, various solvents and mixed media on many different media and formats.
In parallel energy has fueled the practice in the workshop of 4, my curiosity has led to the print edition and self me to m has tried more laborious techniques requiring a serious and Daily involvement have borne fruit
In partnership with the workshop ARCANE present at CAES in the Paris suburbs, many serigraphs textile and paper were carried out (a score of achieving a date.), Plus two years since the acquisition of a leading news on learning through the work of the library. giving life to achieve etching, Lyno and woodcuts, allowing me to link with crafts and liabilities they carry
My current motivation after a journey of self would be to confront myself a professional structures in the field of printmaking to continue my learning techniques in this field.
And in parallel to allow visibility of various products to enjoy opportunities to continue my quest.


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