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Germany // May 2017

FIELDS OF VISION: Art and Performance-Art Festival 18.-23. April 2017 

Meeting, realizing, learning, performing 

A collaboration of 7 European and 7 south east Asian artists 

In April 2017 an art and performance art festival will be staged in Reutlingen/Tuebingen. This international project will be curated and organized by Andreas Hoffmann. Andreas Hoffmann has for decades worked as an artist, performance artist and educator. 

In the last two years Andreas Hoffmann has lived, worked and performed in South East Asia. He was an artist in residence in Chiang Mai, Thailand, Yangon, Myanmar, and Hue, Vietnam. During this time developed exhibitions, performed and organised workshops. 

Meeting and interacting with performance artists in these countries resulted in the idea to invite these at times politically motivated artists to Germany and to create a South East Asian-German Performance art festival. 

Performance art continues to gain ever-increasing importance in South East Asian art and has developed into an immediate form of political expression. 

This is found in the work of the Le Brothers from Vietnam, who continue to highlight the impact of the American war, especially in rural Vietnam, in a stylized highly politicized form of expression.
Their performances use the metaphoric permeability of the body and symbolic gestures, as well as incorporating conceptual elements and video art. We encounter similar forms of symbolic action in the works of Arjan Toi of Chiang Mai , Thailand and Myanmar artist Aye Ko.
The artists employ performance art to make statements, which at times can be politically sensitive. 

The aim of this festival is to present and exchange different points of view using dance, theater, fine arts and performance art. The question to be pursued is the immediate need to question socio political and contemporary art in the context of this exchange. 

Visiting artists will hold public workshops to introduce and share their art and their understanding of it. Each workshop will result in a public performance.
It is envisioned to present an exhibition of works by the visiting artists at the Gallery of the Kuenstler bund in Tuebingen. 

Collaboration means: 

• Getting to know and understand the different political positions through performance 
and talks

• Workshops by participating artists.

• Each workshop will conclude in a public performance by workshop participants.

Elements of the Festival 

• „perform“ 18.- 23. April 2017
Public performance of participating artists at the „Sudhaus“ Tuebingen and in public spaces.

• „teach, learn and perform“ 19. und 20. April 2017
1. Public workshops by participating artists at the LAG Centre of Theater, Reutlingen. Public performances resulting from those workshops. Information re LAG see page 11 
1. Multi media installation of the Le Brothers, Vietnam, Gallery Peripherie Sudhouse, Tuebingen. A video/sound Installation with 9 monitors showing the „Red Projekt“, „Underlying“, „into the see“. 
2.Exhibiton “Asian Contemporary Art“ 22. April bis 21. Mai 2017,
Kuenstlerbund Gallery, Tubingen. Opening 22. April, 11 Uhr. Exhibition of works by partcipating asian artists.

Zentraler Festivalablauf. The main days of the festival Tuesday 18th April to Sunday 23th April 2017 

Tuesday 18th Wednesday 19th 

Thursday 20th 

Friday 21th 

Saturday 22th 

Sunday 23th 

Festival Opening at Sudhaus Tübingen 

Workshops and presentations at LAG TheaterPädagogikZentrum - Institut of Drama Education, Reutlingen 

Workshops and presentations at LAG TheaterPädagogikZentrum - Institut of Drama Education, Reutlingen 

Performances of the Artist in public space and at Sudhaus, Tübingen Exhibition opening and Performance, Le Brother, Vietnam,
Gallery Peripherie, Sudhaus Tübingen. 

Exhibition opening, Künstlerbund – art association “Asia, Contemporary Art”, Performances of the Artist in public space and at Sudhaus, Tübingen 

Artist talk and Performances of the Artist in public space and at Sudhaus, Tübingen.

Medieninstallation von Le Brothers, Vietnam, Galerie peripherie im Sudhaus, Tübingen. Red Project 

Three-channel Video
Duration: 12 minutes and 45 seconds Date of production: February 2013 

Work description
The Le Brothers created the work as part of the Red project, objects were collected from families in Hue city and Vietnam over a long period of time. The objects have no intrinsic value in terms of usability yet are important keepsakes of memory for their owners. The next step in the project was conducting a painting performance, painting the collected objects and people red. 

“In this video we interviewed six Hue residents, who are artist, scholars, poets, and writers. We asked the same question in all interviews: “What is your feeling about the colour red?” we received many different opinions and descriptions about the colour red.
We were born in a communist family. Our parents raised us up with the spirit of communism. Thus the red colour has become a part of our body and soul. It reflects the thoughts of not only us but also the young generation of our country.” 

Als Teil des Red Projects haben die Künstler über längere Zeit Gegenstände von Familien aus Hue und Umgebung gesammelt. Obwohl diese Gegenstände meist keinen Nutzwert haben sind es wichtige Erinnerungsobjekte für die Besitzer. Der nächste Schritt in dem Projekt war eine Mal Performance in dem die gesammelten Objekte rot angemalt wurden. 

“ In diesem Video haben wir 6 Bewohner, Künstler, Gelehrte, Dichter und Schriftsteller. Wir fragten jedes Mal dieselbe Frage: Was bedeutet die Farbe Rot für Euch? Wir bekamen viele verschiedene Meinungen und Beschreibungen von der Farbe Rot.
Wir sind in eine Kommunistische Familie geboren. Unsere Eltern haben uns im Kommunistischen Glauben erzogen. Deswegen ist die Farbe Rot ein Teil unseres Wesens. Es symbolisieren nicht nur unsere Gedanken sondern auch die der jüngeren Generation.” 

Into the Sea 

3-channel video
2011 news edit 2013 Duration : 21 mins Collection of the Artists 

Into the sea is a story that links the past, the present and future of the Le Brothers.
In the film, the two brothers are on their journey to seek each other, their homeland and their ego.
Instead of being a retold story, it is a mixed sequence of real and imaginary details, which are metaphors of metaphors.
“Through the story we want to raise a question with the audience - about the meaning of separation and unification, two very important factors of being human.” 

Into the sea invites the audience to interpret the message in their own way. 

Into the sea vereinigt die Vergangenheit, Präsenz und Zukunft der Le Brothers.
In diesem Film reisen sie um einander zu suchen, ihre Heimat sowie ihr Ego.
Statt eine Geschichte wieder zu erzählen ist es eine Sequenz von realen und imaginären Details. Die Metaphoren von Megaphoren sind.
“Durch diese Geschichte fragen wir die Zuschauer über den Sinn von Separation und Zusammenhängen, die zwei wichtige Aspekte der Menschheit darstellen.” 


Three-channel Video
Duration: 21 minutes and 14 seconds Date of production: 2013 - 2014 

The idea of Underlying is about the journey to the past of the Le brothers, told via an imaginary war that takes place in the water.
“The American war had ended before we were born. However, its impact on Hue, the city we are living in, was remarkable. During the war, many people sacrificed their lives to protect their homeland. With our art, we would like to express our gratitude to those who gave us a peaceful life i.e. through spiritual connections in the water ways. The video was made at various spots in Hue. 

The message
This artwork is a letter written in the form of images. The audience may have a very personal approach upon seeing Underlying. It gives unlimited freedom. 

Die Idee zu Underlying ist eine Reise in die Vergangenheit der LeBrothers erzählt via eines imaginären Krieges der im Wasser stattfindet. 

“Der Amerikanische Krieg endete bevor wir zur Welt kamen.“ 

Die Auswirkungen auf unsere Stadt Hue waren schwer wiegend. Viele gaben ihr Leben um ihre Heimat zu schützen. Mit unsere Kunstaktion wollen wir uns bei den Menschen bedanken, die uns ein friedvolles Leben ermöglichen. Wie zum Beispiel durch die Spirituellen Verbundenheit mit den Wasser Wegen.” 

Dieses Kunstprojekt ist ein Brief in Bildern. Es ermöglicht dem Betrachter einen sehr persönlichen Zugang. Es gibt keine Einschränkung in der Betrachtung. 


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