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- The New Space Art Foundation [NSAF] is an independent art space in Hue city, which was founded by the twins Le Duc Hai and Le Ngoc Thanh who have had more than ten year experience in coordinating multiple and different visual art ctivities at their New Space Arts gallery.
- Aiming to increase contemporary art appreciation amongst general public, NSAF’s main activities are financially and spatially supporting young Vietnamese and international artists by giving them the opportunities to uninhibitedly express their ideas.
- NSAF owns a friendly/convenient location for young Vietnamese artists to experiment new artistic media such as video art, performance art, installation art etc.. It also contributes space for film screenings, workshops, and art discussions. NSAF runs an annual residency program for Vietnamese and international artists to stay and work in Hue city [see more details in the application form available at NSAF website].
- The New Space Arts Gallery commits to use part of their profit to support the activities in NSAF.
- Each year the NSAF organizes and sponsors at least twelve art and culture events in Hue city. NSAF also has extra programs such as drawing classes and film screenings for children every Sunday.
- Le Ngoc Thanh and Le Duc Hai - painters and performance artists - are managers and artistic directors of NSAF. Depending on specific cases, NSAF will invite appropriate independent artists, critics and curators to be guest curators or co-artistic directors.
- NSAF’s programs are opening for all local and international artists and curators, who can all apply to NSAF’s programs by filling out the application form [available in NSAF website] and send it to the foundation vie e-mail. If the project is approved by five members of NSAF jury board, including four invited independent artists, art critics or curators and one artistic director of NSAF, an invitation letter will be sent to the applicant with more details on the date, time, grant and the conditions for projects. All projects are unapproved by NSAF jury board will not be replied.
- Normally, the deadline for all projects applied to our programs will be the end of June of the previous year.





Application Form (English - Vietnam)





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