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New Space Arts Foundation
New Space Arts Foundation Active

Hue April 2009
Phan Hai Bang

Established in April 2008, office of New Space Arts Foundation (NSAF) is a modest space located on one of the most beautiful streets of Hue city, Hung Vuong and 200m away from historic Trang Tien Bridge. 

From here, 3km and 10 minutes away by motorbike along the Perfume River, you will find New Space Arts Residence (NSAR) with area of 500m2. This open - to - nature complex with friendly architecture is in Lai The village. 

On the right side after the entrance is a small library. Art books and information are available for public access, from students to artists in Hue city. This structure blends the spirit of a traditional three-section house and a touch of colonial architecture with the stone wall and fireplace like a peaceful smile among old pottery, wooden sculpture, carven table and modern facilities-supporting sound system, computers, TV, and photocopier . The entire space is open to a green and friendly garden - a pleasant place for reading and researching open. 

Next to the library lies a garden leading to major part of the residence. With a bridge over a small lake with fish and stones around, the garden could be used as a public cum private residence to organize events and outdoor parties with family and friends. 

The central part of NSAR is a house with stone wall and earth roof tile. This house design reaches the simplicity and flexibility while having stability. It has two floors: the ground one with a small but sufficient kitchen and bathroom is for exhibition, workshops, public interactions and working area for artists. Artist friends could find here a cozy residential place while visiting or working at the studio.

The first floor is made of wood, open to the nature. There are two staircases; a private and a common one. It is well-equipped with AC, internet cable, personal facilities that satisfy major needs of artists. 

Vehicles like motorbike and bicycle are also available for traveling around Hue. Farther travel more than 50km could be arranged by a pick-up with a favorable deal.

To explore beauty of normal lives in the neighborhood, you could visit Vy Da village, home of common Hue dishes such as com hen and che bap. A boat tour along Perfume River could be another good option to visit cultural – heritage - city with  remarks of Nguyen Dynasty.  Ocean lovers could easily go to Thuan An beach about 10km from the NSAR. If you are keen on a local food, you could fix yourself a simple meal from fresh materials found at a local market nearby. 

Ever since 2010, NSAF has been relocated to 15 Le Loi. We have an exhibition space, studio, librabry and facilities for artist to work. This is an important space with is right in the center of the city. The space has hosted over 100 events, including exhibitions, artist talks, performances from a variety of local and international artists.

Everything is ready to make this place your home, bringing you motivation and creativity! 

Vietnamese has an old saying “one time seeing is better than a hundred times hearing”.  People in the West say it differently but mean similar connotation “Why not?” It is you, experience your own way to make your stay with us a meaningful one.



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